Moving Services

Moving Checklist

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MOVERS in Du Quoin, Illinois, knows the right techniques to ship any type of furniture safely. We follow strict guidelines for our moving services and recommend these tips to help you effortlessly transfer to a new home. Our moving tips include the following:

• Plan House Moving 12 Weeks in Advance
• Get Rid of Unwanted Items

• Have Your Mail Forwarded and Utilities Turned On
• Begin Packing Clothes and Items You Do Not Use
• Arrange Finances
• Start Clearing Out the Fridge and Freezer
Moving Preparation

Prepare yourself a moving checklist and as you complete items, cross them off the list. This will help you plan accordingly and remind you what you need to do. Start your checklist with things to do 12 weeks before and count down by three weeks until your home moving day.

Call us at Du Quoin, Illinois, to get streamlined home moving services that you can plan and customize.